installing zend debugger on xampp and setting it up with zend studio

installing zend debugger on xampp and setting it up with zend studio

If you have XAMPP installed, the Zend Optimizer will be installed by default, and this causes the standard installation of Zend Debugger to fail. Follow the steps below for success.

1) Make sure you have a running installation of XAMPP. Installing XAMPP is not part of this article. You can test your installation by entering http://localhost/xampp/ in a browser.

2) Enter http://localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php in the address bar of your browser. Note the information about Zend Extension Manager and Zend Optimizer. By the end of this article, Zend Debugger will be added.

3) Download the latest .zip file for cygwin_nt-i386 from and unpack into xamppphpzendDebuggerlibDebugger. Caution: In a standard XAMPP installation, the instructions in the README.txt file in this download will cause Apache not to start. See the following steps instead.

4) Rename the the subdirectories from “4_3_x_comp” etc. to “php-4.3.x” etc. see image.

Rename directories

5) Copy the file dummy.php in the download to your Apache htdocs directory, for example xampphtdocsdummy.php. This what all the instructions and help files say, but I forgot it on one installation and didn’t notice any problems. It can’t hurt to do it though.

6) Search the PHPInfo that you ran in step 2 for the value “Loaded Configuration File”. Open this php.ini file in a text editor. You might want to save a copy of it before editing it.

7) If you have XAMPP you will find some lines in php.ini that look like this:

zend_extension_ts = “G:xamppphpzendOptimizerlibZendExtensionManager.dll”
zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts = “G:xamppphpzendOptimizerlibOptimizer”
zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0

;zend_optimizer.license_path =
; Local Variables:
; tab-width: 4
; End:

8 ) If you see the lines in step 7 and follow the instructions from README.txt in the download in step 3, you will be adding a second zend_extension_ts line. This will cause Apache not to start. Instead, add the following lines:
zend_extension_manager.debug_server_ts = “xamppphpzendDebuggerlibDebugger”
zend_debugger.allow_hosts =
zend_debugger.expose_remotely = allowed_hosts

9) Restart XAMPP, for example by calling xamppxampp_restart.exe. Reload PHPInfo; now it should look like this new image. Note the new information about Zend Debugger.

zend debugger
zend debugger